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With the help of real-world implementations, practical recipes cover everything from oracle jdeveloper 11g download for windows 7 64 bit free and construction, to deployment, testing, debugging and optimization. This practical, task-based cookbook takes you, the ADF developer, on a practical journey for building Fusion Web Applications.

By implementing a range of real world use cases, you will gain invaluable and applicable knowledge for utilizing the ADF framework with JDeveloper 11gR2. You will get quickly up and running with concepts like oracle jdeveloper 11g download for windows 7 64 bit free up Application Workspaces and Projects, before delving into specific Business Components such as Entity Objects, View Objects, Application Modules and more.

Along the way you will encounter even more practical recipes about ADF Faces UI components and Backing Beans, and the book rounds off by covering security, session timeouts and exceptions. What makes them even more incredible is their sheer complexity and the amount of knowledge and effort that lies covered underneath the declarative, almost magical frontend.

What amazes me is that once you scratch the surface, you never stop realizing how much you really don't know. Given this complexity, it becomes obvious that certain development guidelines and practices must be established and followed early in the architectural and design phases of an ADF project. This chapter presents a number of recipes oracle jdeveloper 11g download for windows 7 64 bit free are geared towards establishing some of these development practices.

In particular, you will see content that serves as a starting point in making your own application modular when using the underlying technologies. The chapter starts with a recipe about installing and configuring JDeveloper on Linux.

So, let's get started and don't forget, have fun as you go along. Installation of JDeveloper is, in general, a straightforward task.

So, "why have a recipe for this? Did you notice the title? It says "on Linux". Besides, in this recipe, we will also talk about configuration options and the usage oracle jdeveloper 11g download for windows 7 64 bit free bit JDK along with JDeveloper.

You will need a Linux installation oracle jdeveloper 11g download for windows 7 64 bit free JDeveloper to use this recipe. For the bit oracle jdeveloper 11g download for windows 7 64 bit free, you will need a bit Linux distribution and a bit version of the Java SDK. We will install the latest version of JDeveloper, which is version Accept the license agreement, select Linux Installand click on Download File oracle jdeveloper 11g download for windows 7 64 bit free begin with the download.

Once the file is downloaded, open a console window and start the installation, by typing the following commands:. Upon a successful installation, you will see the Installation Complete page. Uncheck the Run Quickstart checkbox and click Done.

To make things easier, create an application launcher on your Linux desktop for the specific path indicated in the previous step.

As noted earlier, installing JDeveloper on Linux is a straightforward task. You simply have to download the binary executable archive and run it. Ensure that you give execute permissions to the installation archive file and run it as noted. The important thing to know here is the name of the file to execute in order to start JDeveloper. Now that you have successfully installed JDeveloper, let's spend some time configuring it for optimal performance.

Configuration parameters are added to any of the jdev. This parameter is defined in the ide. In plain words, it is the maximum memory that JDeveloper will consume on your system. When setting this parameter, consider the available memory on your system, the memory needed by the OS, the memory needed by other applications running concurrently with JDeveloper, and so on.

On a machine used exclusively for development with JDeveloper, as a general rule of thumb consider setting it to around 50 percent of the available memory. This parameter is also defined in the ide.

This is the amount that will be allocated initially by JDeveloper and it can grow up to the amount specified by the previous -Xmx parameter. When setting this parameter, consider whether you want to give JDeveloper a larger amount in order to minimize frequent adjustments to the JVM heap.

Setting this parameter to the same value as the one indicated by the -Xmx parameter will supply a fixed amount of memory to JDeveloper. This parameter indicates the size of the JVM permanent generation used to store class definitions and associated metadata. Increase this value if needed in order to avoid java. A MB setting should suffice. Set it to true in jdev. First download and install the bit JDK.

This parameter should be changed to point to the location of the bit JDK. This is the directory used by JDeveloper to identify a default location where files will be stored. JDeveloper also uses this location to create the integrated WebLogic domain and to deploy your web applications when running them or debugging them inside JDeveloper.

It is configured via the SetUserHomeVariable parameter in the jdev. These files among others include, the JSF pages, the business component metadata files, application configuration files, and so on. You set the encoding via the Tools Preferences… menu.

Select the Environment node on the left of the Preferences dialog and the encoding from the Encoding drop-down. The recommended setting is UTF-8 to support multi-lingual applications.

The minimum recommended open file descriptors limit for JDeveloper on a Linux system is Use the command ulimit n to determine the open file descriptors limit for your installation and change it if needed in the limits. When dealing with large enterprise scale applications, the organization and structure of the overall application in terms of JDeveloper workspaces, projects, and libraries is essential.

Organizing and packaging ADF application artifacts, such as business components, task flows, templates, Java code, and so on, into libraries will promote and ensure modularity, and the reuse of these artifacts throughout the application.

In this recipe, we will create an application that comprises reusable components. We will construct reusable libraries for shared components, business domain specific components, and a main application for consuming these components.

This will start the application creation wizard. In the Name your project page, enter the business component's Project Name and Directory.

For this recipe, we have called it SharedBC. For this recipe, we have called the project SharedViewController. Ensuring that you enter a unique package structure for both projects is the best guarantee for avoiding naming conflicts when these projects are deployed as ADF Library JARs. Accept the defaults in the Configure Java settings and click Finish to proceed with the creation of the workspace. Now, in the Application Navigatoryou should see the two projects comprising the SharedComponents workspace, one for the business components and another for the ViewController.

You will be using this workspace to add reusable business and ViewController components. In order to do this, you will need to first setup the project dependencies. Click on Edit Dependencies the small pen icon to bring up the Edit Dependencies dialog and then click on the Build Output checkbox under the business components project. Click OK to close the dialog and return to the Project Properties dialog. Since we will not be deploying this application as a WAR, select the default WAR deployment profile generated automatically by JDeveloper and delete it.

Then, click New… to create a new deployment profile. For this recipe, we have called the deployment profile SharedComponents. Click OK to proceed with its creation. When done, completely exit from the Project Properties dialog, saving your changes by clicking OK. You do this by right-clicking on the ViewController project in the Application Navigator selecting Deploy and then the name of the deployment profile name SharedComponents in this case.

The deployment progress will begin. Its status is shown in the Deployment tab of the Log window. Follow the previous steps to setup the project dependencies. No database connection to the HR schema is needed oracle jdeveloper 11g download for windows 7 64 bit free this stage.

We will not be placing any components yet in this library. Now create another Fusion web application, which will be used as the main application. In the Create File System Connection dialog that is displayed, enter the name of the connection and the directory where you have deployed the reusable components in the previous steps.

Click OK to continue. Reusable components include business components, database connections, data controls, task flows, task flow templates, page templates, declarative components, and of course Java code. By setting up the dependencies among the business components and ViewController projects in the way that we have—that is, including the build output of the business components project during the deployment of the ViewController project—you will be producing a single ADF Library JAR file with all the components from all the projects in the workspace.

The consuming project can then use any of the components in library. The same happens when you drag-and-drop a reusable component into your project. If this strategy is not working for you, you have other options, such as adjusting the dependencies among the two oracle jdeveloper 11g download for windows 7 64 bit free packaging each project in a separate ADF Library JAR. In this case, you will need an additional deployment profile and a separate deployment for the business components project.

Select the Libraries and Classpath node and click on the Add Library… button. This will display the Add Library dialog. On it, click the New… button to display the Create Library dialog. Enter a name for the library, select Project for the library location, and click on the Deployed by Default check button. The Deployed by Default checkbox when checked indicates that the library will be copied to the application's destination archive during deployment of the consuming application.

If you leave it unchecked, then the library will not be copied and it must be located in some other way for example, deployed separately as a shared library on the application server. One related topic that also needs to be addressed in the early architectural stages of the ADF project is the granularity for the application modules, that is, how the data model will be divided into application modules.

As a general rule of thumb, each application module should satisfy a particular use case. In general, avoid creating monolithic application modules that satisfy multiple use cases each. Entity objects, list of values LOVs and validation queries should be defined only once for each business components project.

Install 64 bit JDK JDeveloper Windows7 - Oracle jdeveloper 11g download for windows 7 64 bit free

Release Downloads for Oracle JDeveloper 11g () This page consolidates all download links for Oracle JDeveloper. Visit the Installation Guide for Oracle JDeveloper for an overview of the installation process and the Oracle JDeveloper Certification Information for platform specific information.. We recommend using a newer version of Oracle JDeveloper Generic: ( MB). Download Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition for Windows ( MB) The Studio Edition for Windows is the most popular download of Oracle JDeveloper. It contains all the features of the product - including ADF, J2EE, UML, Database, Java, and XML. This download includes JDK 6 and is supported on Windows Vista, XP, and

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